About mj-pay

Mj-pay specializes in building applications to enable secure, real time electronic funds transfers at marijuana retail locations. We help legal, state-licensed retailers in places like Colorado receive payments electronically, removing the restrictions inherent in an all-cash business. The MJ-Pay app will enable retailers to accept electronic payments and to electronically transfer their revenue into bank accounts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make purchasing legal amounts of marijuana seamless, easy, and safe. We make it possible for customers to make and merchants to accept legal, digital payments for state-approved marijuana transactions.

For merchants, we are making it possible for them to accept digital checks instead of cash, to limit the risk of accepting checks, and to improve how quickly they are paid. We make it possible for merchants to move out of a cash-only business and the risks inherent in having large amounts of cash on hand, and enable them to accept digital payments that are quickly deposited into their business accounts.

For customers, our goal is to provide a way for them to quickly find authorized marijuana merchants who accept digital payments. We eliminate the risk of carrying large amounts of cash and will make it possible for customers to track payments made to authorized marijuana merchants.

How may we help you?

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