How MJ-Pay Works

The MJ-Pay app allows you to make digital payments to authorized retail marijuana establishments in Colorado and in other locations as it’s legalized. To get started, you’ll be able to download the MJ-Pay app from Google Play, open it and create an account. Enter your personal information, including your bank account routing and account numbers. When you create your MJ-Pay account, a digital, prepaid account is also created for you and linked to your MJ-Pay account.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, just enter the details in the app. The merchant accepts your payment and the funds are debited from your account. The MJ-Pay app confirms your payment and saves your payment information.

Customer Benefits

  • Avoid the risk inherent in carrying and storing large amounts of cash.
  • Make legal payments without fearing local law enforcement action.
  • Receive an electronic record of your payment that is treated like a paper check.
  • Verify payment records in your checking account statement.