How MJ-Pay Works

MJ-Pay allows authorized retail marijuana merchants to accept digital payments from customers in Colorado and in other locations as it’s legalized. To get started, just download the MJ-Pay app from Android Play. When you create your MJ-Pay account, a digital, prepaid card account is also created for you and linked to your MJ-Pay account. When a customer is ready to purchase an item in your store, they make a payment on their MJ-Pay app and send it to you. Just click Accept and the money is yours!

Behind the scene, the funds are sent from a customer’s account to your digital prepaid account. The funds are available to you in the time it takes your bank to process the payment. Depending on the time of the transaction, the funds will be credited to your account within one to two business days.

Merchant Solutions

  • Accept mobile payments in your store from customers using their smart phone.
  • Receive payments without relying on debit or credit cards.
  • Get quick, online access to your entire transaction history.
  • Retain an electronic record of payments received.

How to Get Started

When the app becomes available, download the MJ-Pay app and create an account. It’s as simple as that. All you need to get started is your personal information and bank account routing and account numbers.